Why the need for Ex-JW Sisters?

Ex-Jehovah’s Witness sisters will be fully aware of how we were treated when we were still part of the organisation.  Now we are no longer subject to the draconian rules and domination of the Watchtower organisation, I felt it essential that we have a space where we can express our voice in any way we see fit.  On this site we will not be silenced, ignored or talked-over, we will say what we have to say and hold our heads up as the unique and talented individuals that we truly are!

A Woman’s Role

William Blake’s pencil illustration of The Creation of Eve in response to the line “And She Shall Be Called Woman”. The object was created c. 1803-05 and currently is held by the Metropolitan Museum of Art

The Watchtower explains what the role of a woman is according to Jehovah’s Witnesses: “God’s gift of a woman was unique in that she was to be the man’s perfect helper. She would also have the special privilege of bearing children.”[1]  Yes, ladies, you were specifically created just to help men and have babies!  Oh how privileged we are.  We aren’t capable of being autonomous individuals, we only exist as an extension to men.  Talk about being relegated to being seen as an inferior type of human being.  Don’t get me wrong, having children is an amazing privilege, but contrary to fundamentalist Christians it isn’t a woman’s raison d’être.  We are multi faceted individuals with unique abilities and talents just as men are.

But at least the Watchtower organisation acknowledges that woman are treated badly in a large percentage of the world.  “Some of the worst atrocities have involved the abuse of women. Worldwide, about 30 percent of women report having been assaulted by a male partner. Males are favored in some societies…”[1]   Do you mean a society like the Jehovah’s Witnesses?  Didn’t the same Watchtower just relegate women to only being useful as a “helper” to men and for “bearing children”?  I’m sensing a soupçon of hypocrasy here.

No Voice

Women’s roles within the Watchtower organisation are very limited; and if they are inquiet the company of men, their role is purely to do as they are told, with no exception.  Once again The Watchtower explains by quoting Paul: “The apostle Paul wrote: ‘I do not permit a woman . . . to exercise authority over a man, but to be in silence…’ (1 Timothy 2:12, 13)”.[2]

So women must be silent, and not argue with men, because they always know best.  In addition to this, the same Watchtower article quotes Paul once more to drive the point home: “In this regard, she can look to the congregation as an  example. Ephesians 5:21-24 states: ‘Let wives be in subjection to their husbands as to the Lord, because a husband is head of his wife as the Christ also is head of the congregation'”.[2]

So what exactly does subjection mean?  According to the Collins English Dictionary:

Subjection to someone involves being completely controlled by them.
…their complete subjection to their captors. [+ to]
…to frighten the masses into law-abiding subjection.
…the worst forms of economic subjection and drudgery.

Synonyms: oppression, domination, subjugation, exploitation[3]

Silent and Subjugated No More

strong womenNeedless to say this is a huge subject, hence the need for a blog dedicated to the writings of ex-Jehovah’s Witness women.  Here no man rules over us, no man tells us what we may or may not say, no man can demand our silence.  We come from all walks of life, all backgrounds, ages, sexualities, we are an inclusive community where no woman needs to submit to a man.[3] We respect all and value all.

If you were once a Jehovah’s Witness and are a woman then this is your story.  Women are beautiful, diverse, talented, extraordinary human beings who deserve equal respect and space as men.  Join us, write for us, read our fellow sisters’ blogs, follow us on social media, become part of the voice that will be silent and subjugated no more!

[1] The Watchtower – Study Edition – August 2014 – What Is the Role of Women in Jehovah’s Purpose?

[2] The Watchtower – Study Edition – January 15, 2007 – Man and Woman—A Dignified Role for Each

[3] Subjection – Collins English Dictionary – https://www.collinsdictionary.com/dictionary/english/subjection

[4] Please note that we do not hate men, we respect them as equals.


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