What Can I Write?

Perhaps you’re wondering what you would be able to contribute?  Perhaps you’ve never written a blog post before and are afraid that it wouldn’t be good enough?  Don’t worry!

We truly want Ex-JW Sisters to be an inclusive collaborative project.  This post is to give you some ideas for blog posts, but it’s not limited to these ideas.  We want to grow this site so that it covers a diverse set of thoughts and ideas from you all.

The following ideas are not exhaustive, if you have another idea, please contact us!  Also, all information contained within blogs must be factual and verifiable.  However, satire/parody pieces are acceptable.

Short blog ideas:

An anecdote, a story: an event that you witnessed as a JW;

A funny observation: about the Watchtower organisation, Governing Body, or about JW behaviour in general;

Memes and funny YouTube vids: yes, we’d be happy if you had a couple of memes or a YouTube video that you’d like to contribute/recommend;

Longer blog ideas:

Criticism: Critical discussion of JW Broadcasting, a Watchtower publication, teaching, policy;

History: Maybe you’ve come across some interesting information about the Watchtower organisation that you’d like to share;

Biography: You may like to submit a blog concerning your experiences as a JW or how you eventually woke up.

If you have an idea, please contact us by clicking the button below.  You are assured anonymity if you require.  Pseudonyms are acceptable.  Contributions from those who are PIMO[1] are welcomed!  Full credit will be given to the author of the blog and anonymity is respected.  You may write a little “about” paragraph so people know a bit about you.  All blogs will be subject to approval.

blog submission button2


[1] PIMO – physically in mentally out

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