I’m Not A Watchtower Poster Child

I have tattoos and blue hair. I am not a Watchtower poster child.

I’ve been hearing this “poster child” narrative a lot lately, and I feel strongly about throwing it out on its head.

We all have our various reasons and circumstances for leaving the cult, but one thing we have in common on the other side is freedom. Freedom of mind, expression, talents, our bodies, literally the entire world opens up to you. One thing we do not have to do is follow restrictive rules so that our message or personal path seems more palatable to a cult member. There is no reason to try to restrict ourselves to those rules. Do you think they will listen to you if you are dressed the way they approve of or follow their approved lifestyle? They won’t, they will only listen as long as you agree with them and their Governing Body implicitly.

@jfnilsen tweeted about the July 2018 watchtower in which they picture narrate what a “worldly person” looks like.

Below this picture in the Watchtower we get this quote:

“For example, despite all the counsel that has been given on the subject, some still prefer styles of dress and grooming that are immodest. They wear tight-fitting and revealing clothing, even to Christian gatherings. Or they have adopted extreme haircuts and hairdos. (1 Tim. 2:9, 10) As a result, when they are in a crowd, it may be difficult to tell who belongs to Jehovah and who is “a friend of the world.”

Do you see where this is going? Watchtower is going to absolute extremes to create a narrative of “worldly people.” There is no end to the insanity. Think about the LGBT community, where does that leave them if we start pointing to petty aesthetics? It’s a dangerous slippery slope. For the sake of our dignity and sanity, we need to be proud of our badges of freedom, our beards, tattoos, blue hair, our sexuality. Some will wake up (when they are ready) just because they see you happy and fulfilled. You can be the inspiration; they are watching. I have to credit Shelbie Dimond who is an ex-JW, a beautiful soul, and amazing artist for playing a significant role in my daughter waking up. She follows her path openly and honestly despite it not being palatable to Jehovah’s Witnesses. Some will never be inspired or coaxed out of the mind control, don’t waste your happiness because of that sad reality.

For everyone who is labeled “poster child” by JW’s, let’s take power out of that label. We left a cult to be free, don’t let anyone or any narrative shrink you back from being your true self. As long as you love yourself and treat yourself kindly you will never be a “poster child”.

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