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Profile: Evelyn De L’Ombre – @evelyndelombre

Evelyn De L'Ombre

My name is Evelyn De L’Ombre and I am the founder and editor of Ex-JW Sisters.  I am a third generation ex-JW.  Family history goes back to the late 1930s/early 1940s: during the austere time and iron fist of Judge Rutherford.  I became a regular pioneer shortly after leaving school at 16.  Due to extreme physical and mental ill-health I was unable to continue pioneering after a few years.  I became disillusioned with the organisation and my ability to live up to its expectations of me.  Thinking I was going to die anyway, I stopped attending all meetings by the time I was 22.  Although it took me more than 25 years to wake up.  Horrified by the abuses perpetrated on Jehovah’s Witnesses due to the damaging belief system taught by the Watchtower organisation, I am now a proud activist who is trying in my small way to bring attention to the damages caused.  You can catch me on my blog and YouTube channel:

YouTube: Evelyn De L’Ombre

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Profile: SapphyDe90 – @sapphyde90

30707845_2015578645153902_6734998397939351552_nI am SapphyDe90, born in 1990, native and still living in Portugal.

As everyone else in this blog, I too am a former Jehovah Witness. Born in a household that already was, daughter of an elder since the beginning. Baptized in the 15th February of 2002 and disfellowshipped in the 15th March of 2016. The reason why I was disfellowshipped was because of my decision to transition given my gender dysphoria. Though when I was disfellowshipped, I no longer shared the same faith as those within the cult.

What I offer in this blog is a unique perspective, though my goal is mostly to share my own thoughts and emotions in a way that we can all relate and nurture each others.  I do not debunk doctrines. I do not expose topical subjects of the moment. There are others that do it better than I do.  My posts bring a more humane and personal approach to the predicaments and issues that most of us face, as former Jehovah Witnesses. To voice what most of us had suffered in silence.

I also have a personal website that I use for blogging and much more:
Twitter: @SapphyDe90

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Profile: Not The Weaker Vessel Podcast – @notyourvessel


Coming out of religion; there’s a lot of indoctrination to undo not the least being silenced and feeling inferior as a woman. Jehovah’s Witnesses sell themselves on being liberal when it comes to women. They told us we were a large, invaluable army. It’s a cold shock to the system, realizing our voices were just pawns for cult recruitment. I think there’s a space for all of us to relearn some of the things that were deeply ingrained. We learn by listening to each other. I’d love to expand on some of the blog entries by doing a podcast. It is still in the idea and development phase, but I plan to execute on it soon.

Twitter: @notyourvessel

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Profile: StaceyHH – @staceylhh

JpegI’m Stacey, I write for Leaving Omelas, a community resource blog for exJWs, and others impacted by high-control religion.  Our primary project is gathering letters exJWs have written to family or friends, that they have shared (or are willing to share,) to create an online resource for other exJWs who need help to compose their own letters.

I was raised in the Jehovah’s Witness sect, and was, to borrow a phrase from the ex-Mormon community, a “True Blue” believer, except for the pesky asking a lot of questions bit.  My husband and I left the Watchtower Organization in 2003, when we were 32.

I was once threatened with a Judicial Committee (for malicious gossip!) for telling a sister that the nice brother cuddling her 5-year-old (and escorting the child to the restroom,) was a convicted pedophile.  In retrospect, that might have been the beginning of the end.

You can contact me through my website, or directly via email.  My team and I welcome your letters, and your stories too.  I’m most curious about the lives of the “everyday JW,” the ones who were never leaders.  The ones just like us, who walked away.


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Profile: Elle – @ellaspoppedbubble

D846A5EC-7F9C-4682-81CE-AB24DC2B35D4Faded 3rd generation JW.  Baptised at age 11.  Former pioneer, elders wife and very active publisher. Completely inside the bubble until one day it just popped and I realised what had been really happening to me and how brainwashed I was.  I was sexually assaulted as a teenager by an elder for over 3 years whilst he ‘mentored’ me in the ministry.  Only managed to come to terms with this and wake up to why and how it happened about two years ago.  Since then I have planned to make it my life’s mission to raise awareness of the dangerous policies that still allow this kind of thing to happen.  I’m not bitter, but I am determined.  Nothing changes unless we do.  And I am most certainly a changed person!  Silent no more.  Elle.

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Profile: Steph – @xjwfeminist


Physically out but mentally in the JW cult for far too long, it’s only been in recent times that I’ve felt the need to add my voice to the cause of activism, particularly in helping women escape not just the cult but its mentality. My goal is to help build other women up, repairing the years of destruction that the society has inflicted on us. We’re becoming the large army Watchtower pretended we were all along.

Twitter: @xjwfeminist

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Profile: ThePerfect(EX)Witness – @theperfectexwitness

the perfect ex witness

I am a third generation ex-JW, although second generation converted first when I was five.  I am a two year out faded “sister”.  I was forced into waking up much like taking the ice bucket challenge.  The shock took me over a year to adjust too even though I still get angry.

My blog will take you through my journey of child abuse, spousal abuse and what finally made me walk away after 40+ years of being a “perfect witness”.

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Profile: Crystal – @lostnagoodbook


I’m a first generation witness whose parents studied when I was a child. I stayed in the organization for decades until the adoption of my two children forced me to realize I couldn’t stand to indoctrinate them into the organization. I’m fast approaching the two year anniversary of my disassociation. Best decision I ever made! Now I spend my time exploring avenues of thought, study, books, movies and experiences that were not allowed me as a JW. I strive for greater understanding of my life inside the cult, the process of removing myself from it and how best to help others come to terms with the same.

My Blog:

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Profile: Alaska Gray @seahorsesforeva

alaskaHi! My name is Whitney aka Alaska Gray (the alter ego created to help me fade away. Oh the paranoia).  Leaving my entire identity behind as a Witness has been absolutely petrifying but also surprisingly rejuvenating.  We are creating a WHOLE new life for ourselves and most of us have no idea where to begin.  I personally sold everything I owned, moved across the country, and picked up where no one knew me.  I’m still no where near figuring out this thing called life, but maybe there’s beauty in that.

Since I was a little girl, I’ve ALWAYS cared about feminism. I was constantly fighting with the boys at the hall who would taunt me with scriptures stating I was the weaker vessel and MEN were the head. Problem was, I couldn’t really stand up for myself because they were quoting THE BIBLE – What was I gonna say to that? Now that I know the doctrine is incorrect, I can fully embrace my inner beliefs and no one can tell me otherwise.

I hope my blogs can provide a thought, a piece of humor, or maybe a relatable story to keep you entertained. Thanks for reading!

Quora Profile: Alaska Gray

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Profile: River @jennifer5555

My name is River. I was born into JW life and beliefs. I left because:

a) my conscience wouldn’t let me stay after I learned TTATT*; and,

b) I was looking for a way out for a long time because there’s so much I disagreed with even while partially indoctrinated.

The only thing that kept me in was the fear of dying from god’s wrath. Now I am free, have been for a while, and I want to share my story so maybe I can help free others.

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Profile: Sally Spratt @sspratt2010

sallyTrapped inside the Watchtower organization when I was child, kicked out as teen because I chose a path which did not include Jehovah.  Abused by my step-father as a child, who when reported to the elders was allowed to remain unchecked and free to roam in the congregation(s) and community.  The elders told my mother not to call the police as it would bring shame on Jehovah.  Sister to a disfellowshipped brother who questioned the authority of the Governing Body.

I’ve lived my life free of Jehovah.  My family split in two, the non-JW’s always on the outside looking in.  My mother, a JW since 1972, recently moved in with me, because she had not prepared for the future.  My elder brothers, and three pioneering sisters, would not make room for her in their homes.  When she moved in, my activism began. I am an activist who uses a pseudonym, due to threats from Jehovah’s people, and to keep my career as a children’s writer separate.

Twitter: @sallyspratt

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* TTATT – acronym for the expression “The truth about ‘The Truth'”.