No More Silence

EDIT – 21st June 2018 – Thanks to everyone who has been in contact!  There has been an overwhelming response.  In order to ensure that everyone who has been in contact so far can be contacted, we cannot currently take any further applicaitions for interviews at this time. 

However, if you wish to contact us in order to write a blog post, please see details here:

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If you are a woman and an ex-Jehovah’s Witness, we would love to hear from you.  Or are you still considered a Witness but no longer believe?  Perhaps you don’t feel comfortable writing a blog but would love to tell your story.  We are looking for people to interview.  We would ask you a series of questions and your answers would be published as a blog in order to bring attention to the variety of women, and the many issues faced by them, who either used to be Jehovah’s Witnesses or are still in the organisation because of personal circumstances.  Your voice is valued here.  You do not need to remain silent.

The sorts of questions that would be asked are:

  • Were you “born-in” or did you become a Witness later?
  • Why did you leave?
  • How did you leave?
  • Have you experienced problems related to the WT org since leaving?

If you are still currently viewed as a Jehovah’s Witness but don’t believe in their teachings any more we would love to hear from you too.

  • What made you decide that this wasn’t “the truth”?
  • What obstacles do you face if you decide to leave the organisation?
  • Are you attempting to fade?
  • Do you intend to leave/fade or will you try and remain for the sake of family?

Anonymity is valued and assured.  Thank you for your interest and please complete the form below: